Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who Are You?

Holy crap....four and a half months since I've written anything here. What can I say..busy? quite. It was recently pointed out to me by a fellow friend and blogger that someone in my beloved state of New Hampshire has taken it upon themselves to review my blog. I am amused with the summation of their findings for sure, I'm "a typical New England farm girl, wannabe musician or perhaps I'll end up a member of the mounted police." Cute, but not exactly, except for the farm girl part, I can stand by that. I used to want to be a musician, for many years in fact. I started playing guitar when I was 12 but would start and stop for another 30 something years. There's always more to know and I like it that way. These days for some reason music is not ruling my life as it has in the past. Its kind of a relief at this point. Definitely a personal, creative thing for me. I don't mean to toss it off as unimportant...it has been quite important but I guess not as important as it used to be maybe.
For the last 6 years I have reconnected with the whole horse thing again. I could create a historical tree of all of my riding/horse related activity from 1969 until now and another with my education/work experience in law of various sorts from 1981 until now. However, the likelihood of becoming a mounted officer is not an option. Believe me...when I was in high school thinking about my future, the thought of being a mounted police officer in Boston was on the list. Lets just say that my interest in all things arty/music didn't quite mesh with the other.
At this point I am thrilled just to be able to be involved as a volunteer nevermind being on the force. So.....I am really tired now...and have to get up and feed the horses on my way to work..of course.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Clouds in my Coffee

Ok...I am rather bummed out today..progressively. I am beginning to think that its that time again where I forget about playing music for a while. The deal with playing with others is way more complex than playing alone....but there is nothing quite like a good session where you feel you've landed on another planet.
However, the are other choices available to me such as riding. Nothing quite comes close to a good long ride to take you away and lift your spirits, (as long as all goes well... ;0 )
March means Winter is basically over. I'm ready for the change, but its been so helpful this year to have fewer days where I have to crack the ice out of frozen water buckets, vowing to get heated ones "next year" but I kept waiting to get fed up with it and it never really happened. I will count my blessings and hope for less humidity and fewer bugs this summer!!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

"We are The Queers"

Heyyyy......long time no blog...yeah. I am tired, very tired. A long long work week topped off by none other than a rockin' show by hometown favorites The Queers and Hot Rod Fury!!! It was so good to see all of my buddies doing their thing. I love all of you but am so tired now that I really can't write anymore!!! So....XOXO to my pals....!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


This morning I woke up to at least an inch of snow on the ground and so herein lies Winter before me. As I headed out to do the daily barn chores the roads were covered with snow and the trees started to collect snow on them and for the few hours it lasted we were in the magic of the Winter wonderland effect. Here in New England and especially seacoast NH the weather at any time of year or season can change drastically in either direction. Although this is a fact of life around here, I'll take it over hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes anyday. Throughout the morning at the barn the snow turned to sleet turned to rain. The low grey and white clouds were fast moving and it was beautiful to witness. Standing at the front entrance of the barn the scene to the left at this time of year is one of a mid-slope vantage point over the fields that we hay in the summer full hosting a flock of Canadian Geese, to a collection of trees, a pond and the sparkling sapphire view of a cove ultimately leading to Great Bay. By the time I left the air was mild and the snow had turned to slush. My thoughts turned to all of the people who had to drive today..and that would be many people. Thinking ahead I wondered what the drive home would have to offer in terms of road conditions. Turned out to be clear and not slippery for the most part although I had my eyes peeled for the all elusive black ice. Between Hampton Falls and Dover I witnessed varying levels of snowfall, puddles and dryness or lackthereof on the road. I made it back without incident and the finishing moment on a day that had Winter written all over it was that my driveway was a frozen solid mess of slush and ice, the kind that forces you to be ultra careful with every step you take. Well, time to get used to this routine for a good four months I would say. Happy trails!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Strat Girls Live

Yeah, now that I have your attention....I must say I am pretty psyched about the outcome of my going out last weekend. Not only did I get to hang out with my friends at their gigs that I keep blowing off, but I am about to embark on a new musical venture that should totally kick my ass.
Sistah Pam and I are gonna be working with Wimpy soon which should prove to be downright entertaining...if not to anyone else to me for sure. For those of you not familiar with him he is the singer for The Jabbers, replacing the one and only GG Allin and a founding member of The Queers. Ok...way back in 1983 he also was the drummer for my first band Simple Assault, along with Tina Marconi of the Cadillac Hitmen on bass, and Dawn Pericles/guitar. Funny how we still all have the everlasting bond we made that long ago. Guess it does count for something but how do you even know that when you're 20-something!? Anyway.....time to think about work...it is Monday after all..yeah. Not to mention its also time to work that guitar. ;)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

You Love Her, She Loves Him, He Loves Somebody Else....

One of my frequently visited websites is Michael Lutin's Where's The Moon......I have gained a lot of insight here. For those of you who like a little edge to their astrology this guy delivers. He refers often to the triangles that exist with regard to relationships. I guess I'm beginning to learn and accept this basic concept as one of life's realities. It reminds me of being in high school, some things never change. I do appreciate that while he helps recognize our weaknesses he always offers the high road in terms of pulling ourselves together and overcoming the low points. Its ok that we all have thoughts and desires that take us to places that aren't what we need in life. Its how we act upon them I suppose that matters. No one wants to make an ass of themselves and especially not with those that they want to endear. I guess the true test of friendship is to go ahead and make a fool of yourself and know that no matter what you'll be understood and no one will hold it against you! Ah yes, the uncertainty of vulnerablility. A lesson in humility. All to make us stronger and wiser I suppose.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Riding After Dark

Well, in spite of the fact that I have been sick for two days, first it was a cold then blossomed into the full blown flu, I managed with great determination to attend my riding evaluation for the Dover Mounted Police. I had been looking forward to this for a very long time. Longer in fact than the few months I've been in negotiations to set this whole thing up. Having ridden horses for the majority of my life, by the time I was in high school I had considered persuing the idea of being a mounted police officer, preferably in Boston for some reason. Most likely because I think this was the closest city to actually have a mounted police squad. I did end up taking some college criminal justice courses, worked for the Portsmouth Probabtion Dept, was a receptionist at a local alcohol/substance abuse clinic and did a stint as a counselor in an adolescent treatment facility. So with all of the above combined it sort of made sense that I would want to go this route. However just before all of the related work experience I sort of lost my interest in horses. Instead world travel, partying and college took precedence. Not necessarily in that order. So fast forward about 15 years....and long story short I am once again employed at a horse farm, belonging to my father, out of an emergency situation where they needed the help and one thing led to another and there I was in familiar, somewhat comforting territory as far as being around horses again was concerned. Within a few months I then met my horse Miss Ali who of course was for sale, and for a steal, so I was back in it again, happily! Needless to say the time spent away from horses enabled me to concentrate on other life experiences such as having a family. Of course the family is now well adjusted to the horse lifestyle thanks to me. My goal is to get them all riding, although my daughter is already there and has been for awhile. So, I must say that if I hadn't taken a big break from all things horse related for the time that I did I may not be where I am today with it. Its easy to burnout with all that's involved with the day to day upkeep and care. Which brings me back to now. So this opportunity to be an exercise rider for the Dover police is a perfect situation. I am able realize my long time dream of actually being able to ride their horses without having to become a police officer, perfect! This reminds me of being 12 years old when I would ride my pony Peanuts through the streets of Portsmouth, because I could then. I would ride him to my house on Miller Ave. from Little Harbor Rd. where I kept him, and sometimes even to the baseball field near the South playground. Ah yes those were the good ol' days. They say you can never go back, but this is going to be about as close as I can get by riding in Dover.
When I arrived at the stable last night at dusk I was feeling pretty lousy but determined to do my best. Now you must know that these are the biggest horses I've ever ridden. I rode TJ and Royal and they were both very well behaved. Riding Royal was like riding a couch he is so big and floaty and gentle. Maryann Davis from Hilltop Equestrian Center came down to do the evaluations. There were 3 of us riding. We walk, trot, cantered in both directions on each horse and she also had us stand in our stirrups while trotting to see how our balance was. Even though I was sick somehow the riding was comforting. Well in the end we were all approved to ride which was worth it even though I wasn't at the top of my game. I am really looking forward to hitting the streets, and the trail with these guys. A fun fact is that I live really close to the stable, and I often hear the clip-clop of their hooves when they go by. Another worthwhile note to mention is that Im able to contribute my time to the community doing something that I absolutely love. So, all in all this definitely a positive activity that I hope to be able to participate in for a long time. Happy trails~